Chapter 3 - Running the KTranslator

When you run the program, KTranslator docks itself in system tray.

To translate a word, select the word while pressing control key. You can change this key in configuration dialog. See the Chapter 5 to know how to choose this key.

With the Ktranslator 0.3, you can translate the word using the OCR plugin too. The OCR plugin uses the gocr program to recognize the words. I have to inform you that gocr is a beta software. Most of the time the gocr can recognizes the word well, but sometimes you have to select the word to get the translation.

To translate the word using the OCR plugin, you only need to click with right mouse button in the word while pressing the control key. This key can be changed too.

Then, KTranslator gets the word and asks to each configured dictionary for the translation of the word. Finally, KTranslator puts the results together and creates a popup window near to cursor to show the translations. A popup window shows like this:

The results window has a text browser on the left with the dictionaries results and 3 buttons on the right. You can move the window by clicking and dragging the window.

In the text browser, you see the word to be translated. This is very useful when no results are found or when the OCR plugin does not recognize the word correctly. Next, you see the inflections of the word and the results of dictionaries.

The upper button closes the window. You can also close the window by pressing ESC or setting the window's timeout in configuration dialog.

The middle button speechs the word and the bottom button search the word in some sites of Internet.

To speech the word, you have to install the Festival. In the future, the KTranslator will support KTTSD, hence, you can use more speech engines.

If you click in bottom button, the KTranslator will open a konqueror window to search the word in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Dict.org and Merriam-Webster Online. In the future, you will have the option to choose what sites the KTranslator uses.

If you want KTranslator stops to translate for a while, you can click with the middle mouse button in system tray or deselect the option Watch Clipboard in system tray or man window. If you do so, the system tray becomes gray. Do it again to activate the translation.

Chapter 04 - Dictionaries