Chapter 4 - Dictionaries

Currently, KTranslator supports these types of dictionaries (plugins):


This is the dictionary file of DICT servers. You can get one of these dictionaries in DICT website or FreeDict website. If you choose to use one of these dictionaries, select the .index file, put the other file (.dict or .dict.dz) in the same directory and chooses Dictd plugin.


This is the dictionary files used by Babylon program. KTranslator can only use the .dic files, not the new .bgl files. Note that Babylon dictionaries are actually 2 files, english.dic and engtoXXX.dic (the XXX is some language). You have to choose the engtoXXX.dic, place the english.dic in the same directory that the other file and choose Babylon plugin.

I have to highlight this. English.dic is not a dictionary. Actually, it is a index for other files.


This type of dictionary is a plain text dictionary file. The file has one entry per line in following format:


With this plugin you can modify the dictionary file (i.e. add new entries) while KTranslator is running.

Chapter 05 - Configuration