How to help KTranslator help you

You can help KTranslator to become better and better. See here how to do this.

KTranslator is a dictionary program. The first requirement of a good dictionary program is to have good dictionaries.

You can help:

  • Reporting wrong translations, inflections, hyphenations and other mistakes. Send it to me.
  • Adding new words in dictionaries. Almost all dictionaries that KTranslator uses is open software too and are too small. You can participate in the Freedict project or send to me a few words (from and to any language). Optionally, you can include the hyphenation, part of speech, inflections, variants or other information about some word that don't have them.
  • Adding new word inflections. KTranslator can translate words in plural or verbs because it have a database of inflections. If you know some inflection that is not recognized by KTranslator, send to me to me to be included in KTranslator.

Open tasks

Other ways to help in development of KTranslator.

  • Test and report bugs.